My 30 Day Project YOU Training Program Ebook

Includes FREE nutrition calculation access on my website. 


This is for you if...


- You just want a taste tester of my programs

- You want a boost in motivation

- You are motivated already and just need a new program

- You aren't sure of the the 12 week program as it is a lot longer

- You want to stay on track as best as possible before Christmas!


You will need access to a gym, this is just an ebook delivered as a digital download, it is designed for all goals, remember training does not need to change whether you are gaining, dieting or maintaining.


I have provided you with access to my online calculator and information to help you get started with your nutrition too. 


This program works out to be around $12 per week for 4 weeks or only $6 for 8 weeks or $4 for 12 weeks!!! 

Project YOU