Remember your 'WHY'

I hope you have had a great week. If not, guess what, your normal.

We don’t always have great weeks, or days, that’s life!

What matters most is how we handle those not so great weeks.

Accept that fact that not every week will be great to make it easier....and remember some people ACTUALLY are having a crap week... diagnosed with cancer, lost a loved one, lost a job... now that’s a tough week don’t you think in comparison...

Today go back and remember your “why” ...your reason for starting your fitness and health journey. Sometimes when you have a tough week you forget your “why” and want to go back to old ways...because it’s easier! It’s easy not to have goals, to cruise through life without exercising, no steps tracked so you can sit on your ass more often and watch tv, no nutrition tracked so you can drink and over eat every weekend then feel sorry for yourself on a Monday googling “fast ways to lose weight” I get it!

Change is hard, trust me, I have gone through many transformations after travelling, even still I have many days where I am not motivated, I don’t want to train, I want to go order a pizza...

I get it,

I understand you. But is it truly worth it?


Falling into the trap of going back to old ways when things get tough is just spinning you around and around in circles...

The feeling of accomplishment after achieving some progress, endorphins from moving your body, of feeling energised after a nutrient dense meal, of going to try on a new size and it being loose is AMAZING! Is worth it!!! Of walking up stair cases without being puffed, carrying all the shopping in a once because your strong now haha.

Think of exercising...eating well... being active like going to work..

Yeah it’s alright sometimes when old mate is working and the boss is on leave...

It’s alright sometimes when we have an easy day of your workload/emails but it sucks sometimes and a lot of the time you wake up thinking I reallllly don’t want to go to work today arghhhh

Well that’s your health and fitness too. Same thing, same feelings.

But you go to work anyway why? Because you wan and need to make money... Now treat exercise and nutrition like this too....on those tough days do it anyway ...because you don’t want to be living your life in a constant circle of giving up, because you want to be healthy for your kids, because you might want to drop a dress size, because you want to feel energised through good nutrition, because you want to avoid diseases when older, because you want good skin and hair!!!

Have a good day everyone, don’t forget your why.