Stop Sabotaging Yourself. Tough Love.

As the year comes to a close, you feel like it’s nearly time to relax, holidays coming up, social events each weekend, Christmas, New Years woohooo.

But what about your goals? Throw them out the window? Make excuses? Keep saying oh I slipped up AGAIN but I’ll own my choices... NO! Weekend after weekend “slipping up” on your nutrition and training, sending you more and more backwards from your goals. Stop using “i slipped up I’ll just own my choices” as an excuse! This is okay to say sometimes but you will get absolutely no where using this all the time! Oh Susan brang brownies to the party again I had to have one. Then after the party you feel bad and wings to your coach you don’t see results. NO!! Have a bite, taste it, macro it, or just leave it. You don’t need to keep failing yourself! Stop giving in to what you want now for what you want most!!!!

How did you feel coming into this year? What about the previous year? I bet that 98% of you came into the past years with the same “new years resolutions” goals as every single other year!! Feeling like you blew out over Christmas and really want to make some health and fitness changes for good? Am I right? Do you seriously want to keep repeating these goals over and over and never fucking reaching them!!!! Yes you do? Well keep following the path of making excuses, throw your discipline, consistency out the window.

No? You are sick of coming into the new year with the same fucking goals and never reaching them? Well stick to your training and nutrition, listen to your coach, pre plan events, make sacrifices, exercise, know when to pull back and stick to goals and when to let loose. THAT IS BALANCE, not over indulging every single weekend.

You are failing yourself year after year by repeating the same behaviours. MAKE THIS TIME NOW, YOUR TIME TO CHANGE THOSE BEHAVIOURS! Not January.

Just close your eyes. Imagine where you see yourself in a years time? Is what you are doing getting your there? Where do you see yourself in January or February? Imagine the feeling of PROUD CONFIDENT ACCOMPLISHMENT You have absolutely every chance to feel like this if you just keep focused and listen to the above! Listen to your coach Train. Pre plan. Don’t make excuses. Create habits. Change your behaviours leading you away from goals. Know when to sacrifice and when to have balance. You have got this. Your coach, pt, family, kids, partner aren’t to blame when you don’t reach your goals, and they also can only help you so much....the rest is up to you. Just imagine that feeling in January 2019, to say wow I did it