Intermittent fasting, the latest trend, which people have been doing for so long already, people even do this without realising and even better, without bragging about it haha.

It is no magic fat loss method, through my research and studies over the years, and many other people would agree, it comes down to an energy deficit created through exercise and nutrition balance.

With intermittent fasting it can 100% help with creating a deficit due to having a restricted time frame to eat, for example on days I am saving calories for a big dinner out or grilld etc or maybe I am drinking some alcoholic drinks I will generally fast in the morning and save the calories for later.

Sorry to let you down but it is not magic, it wont help you lose fat faster then what a deficit and training will, it 100% can be a great method used and can really suit some peoples lifestyle for example long shift workers. But again not magic, not a fast weight/fat loss approach and I am sorry but FUCKING sick of 'insta' famous girls trialling it for a few weeks, loving it then posting about it but then they are onto the next new trend.


Any way.... my blog, my thoughts..

It frustrates me because some people have NO knowledge of nutrition or exercise and they are doing their best but can be so gullible to these people and then cause this yo-yo diet affect or more problems for them like not even reaching their goals!

So Intermittent fasting and fat loss...

Some say its using fat for fuel because you are in a fasted state, this is some what true...Your body will use fat for energy if glycogen from carbohydrates is not present in your muscles but what if you had a big carbohydrate dinner? What if you feel sick if you dont eat before training? What if you dont train until night time? The whole point of training is to get in a quality session progressively overloading and to build muscle which in turn burns fat, increases metabolism in general and post training and many more benefits... things like heavy weight training your body's first source of fuel is carbohydrates so without them present as glycogen in your muscle you will not have as a great session and energy, probably struggle to progress and therefore you are basically just setting yourself back in the long term. You wouldn't plan a road trip with an empty tank of fuel?

Intermittent Fasters say 'don't worry you wont lose muscle' of course your not going to if you are still eating enough protein within a 24 hour period and weight training! Doesn't matter when you eat at all, just eat the right amount for your body composition and goals.

Everyone is going on about gut health and intermittent fasting, they say it helps to fast. Well of course if you have chronic gut issues, giving your gut a break from digestions and the toilet will help haha! Also there are many other ways to help with this, different food sources, you dont need to resort to fasting, go and see a qualified dietitian if this is a serious issue for you, not some advice for an unqualified instagram model telling you to fast.

For me personally, I love breakfast, I love freedom from food, being in control of my choices, I love flexibility and the way I eat gives me all of this! I feel you need the least amount of rules as possible when it comes to nutrition so you can adhere to your nutrition and to avoid restriction, to live freely, socially and most importantly not start to form habits of an eating disorder. Intermittent fasting can lead you to have disordered eating patterns, losing touch of when you are actually hungry and of course not feeding yourself when you are hungry... how dumb!

What if you want to go out to breakfast with your friend? I actually have had a lot of clients say to me, sorry I don't eat breakfast and I honestly say thats fine, just hit your macros! They are probably fasting without even meaning to haha!

For me personally its just not sustainable so I dont make those rules for myself, I just want to hit my macros, eat what I want, train quality sessions and reach goals!

If it truly works for you and you can see yourself doing it for a LONG time, I am talking life haha then keep doing it! Find what works for you and please dont think this method is magic at fat burning or any better then eating in a deficit!

If you are looking for a coach, some guidance then look for someone you can relate to, has similar training methods and nutrition methods, even similar body composition goals, someone you feel you can get along with and be honest with, these are all important in finding someone to work with BUT most important is they are QUALIFIED and CUSTOMISE EVERYTHING!

Courtney xx :)