Macro Friendly Buns/Pizza Bases!

I did some research to find some new recipes to make! So I cant take all the credit for these.

I made 6 mini buns with these ingredients, so double the amount if you want more!

I keep them in the fridge and cut them in half and toast them :)

As for the pizza base, I suggest cooking first then add toppings and pop back in the oven I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS ...YET! So let me know if you try :)!!

Awesome way to hit your protein intake if you struggle as they are super high protein!


70g Light Cream Cheese

170g Light Mozzarella

1 Egg

20g Coconut Flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

Optional garlic or herbs and spices


1. Mix the coconut flour, mozzarella, baking powder and cream cheese in a bowl then heat in the microwave on high for about 1.6 minutes or until cheese is melted!

2. Mix ingredients really well!! Heat again for about 30 seconds

3. Add the egg and mix really well, at first it wont mix really well but keep mixing!

4. seperate into how many serves you would like onto baking paper, I flattened mine but you don't have to. For the pizza obviously roll out flat.

5. Bake in the over until golden brown, it was on about medium heat!

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