I can't take all the credit because I searched for ideas on the net haha.

If you search up cloud bread you will find some cool variations.

I wanted to try this because my carbs have been lower at the moment. If I had higher carbs I could still use this to save some carbs ;)

Thats what flexible dieting is all about...being flexible with your food.

Anyway enjoy!

2 make 8 small pieces


50g Light Cream Cheese

2 Eggs Separated

1/2 Teaspoon Cream of Tar Tar

pinch of salt


1. Blend egg whites and cream of tar tar on high until a firm foam like texture.

2. Blend egg yolks and cream cheese with a pinch of salt.

3. Fold together gently

4. Lay out on baking paper evenly, I spread out whole mixture all as one then cut into pieces other wise and lay out in pieces and bake like that.

5. Bake until gold brown, may raise slightly, I just pat down. Cut if needed and enjoy! I just store mine in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Could also make it as a pizza base! I am not sure how it will go in the oven again though but worth a try. Enjoy!

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