Macro Friendly Carbonara


If you don't try you are crazy!

Option to have without the slender slim rice (I did, I just added spinach leave and heated, heaven)

Tweak it to fit your macros:)


60-100g Skinless Chicken Breast

10g Parmesan Cheese

10g Bacon Pieces (cooked, but I used Hormel Brand pieces)

40g Extra Light Cream Cheese

50-100g Mushrooms

20g Shallots

5-10g Minced garlic

50g Spinach

Optional slendier slim noodles, rice, pasta, Herman brot low carb pasta, pumpkin, etc whatever!

Get Creative with your veggies...


Cook up Chicken in 1/4 cup of water in a pan

Add Veggies

Once cooked add cream cheese and stir through

Serve up and top with bacon and cheese (obviously cook bacon if you dont use the Hormel brand lol)

Prepare your carb option otherwise salt and enjoy!!

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