Tracking Missing Carbs

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****** I AM NOT A DIETICIAN OR NUTRITIONIST, this is simply the easiest way I PERSONALLY track the missing calories in products e.g fibre + sugar alcohols. If you want more depth information on sugar alcohols then speak to a practicing dietitian. IF NOT and you want a simple way to just account for calories then follow this :) ********

So many people think wow how do you know theres hidden carbs!

People are shocked there are even hidden carbs!! If you are trying to learn how to track your macros and now worried that you have missed tracking some carbs I will help!

Marketting fools you and theres loop holes through whats allowed on nutritional labels that companies utilise to target their audiences.

Dont worry, I wont let you be fooled any longer ;)

The steps in knowing when there may be hidden carbs when looking at products

- NET carbs - this means they have subtracted fibre from the total carbs of the product to make it look like theres less carbs when reading the label.

- LOW SUGAR - there is a possibility these products will have calories but no macros... that doesn't make sense because macros = calories... this means they have sugar alcohols and have not listed them under any macronutrient.

- Sometimes no hints, if your macros are hitting at the end of the day of tracking your food but your calories are way over I'm talking 50 plus calories...then there must be some missing carbs in there (or could be an incorrect food entered in my fitness pal that you are using) Just go through and check that all your macros add up to correct calories... I will show you below how to do this.

If macros = calories...and your product has calories...but no macronutrients listed then where are those calories coming from? When dieting/tracking/gaining muscle... calories are everything, they are very important when it comes to your results. You must account for those calories with your macronutrients or you will possibly be over eating. Sometimes yes, in the big picture a few missed carbs here and there wont matter but overall in your week if your constantly over eating, or eat a lot these products then you may hinder your progress.

1g fat = 9 calories

1g protein = 4 calories

1g carbs = 4 calories

(this is why I don't understand people who are afraid of carbs when they are less calories than fat!!! anyway off topic but wanted my two cents in there hahaha)

This is how to check...

Total protein listed of product x 4 = *

Total carbs listed of product x 4 = *

Total fats listed of product x 9 = *

Add all together = total CORRECT calories


Now look at calories listed on the product you just calculated, they should = the same


There are unaccounted for macros.

So subtract your calculated calories from the products calories and there are the missing calories!

To find the carbs take these missing calories you just found and divide by 4 (because 1g of carbs = 4 calories)

and there you have it!

I will generally create a new food in my fitness pal with the CORRECT macros that way I don't have to worry about adding it or accounting for it when tracking it next :)

Generally most protein bars will have you know those low carb bars...well they are actually high carb haha!

Hope this helps!!

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