Banana Bread Slice


  • 120 gram, pure egg whites

  • 70 g, Hydra 6 Protein

  • 550 g, Brown Banana

  • 80 g, Coconut Cooking Oil Refined

  • 30 g, Coconut Flour (Net Carbs


1. Mash Bananas well until very little chunks (unless you would like chunky banana in your slice)

2. Add in egg whites and blend well.

3. One at a time add in flour, and powder, also option to ad teaspoon on baking powder.

4. Melt coconut oil and add very last otherwise it will turn hard and cold again in your mixture, mind did but it still turned out so don't panic if it does.

5. Pour into preferred baking tray or muffin tins and bake on high until batter has risen and golden brown.

My Slice made about 16 slices, to make nutrition a little better, create more pieces. For toppings I used chobani mixed with stevia, also chobani mixed with Sugar Free Blueberry Maple, Also extra light cream cheese mixed with chobani and stevia, also just simply nuttvia hazelnut spread :)

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