Protein Doughnuts

These are so delicious! I made the recipe up on the sport and am so impressed with my self haha!


60g Wheytello (I use wheytello because it has the best texture and taste, a lot of other proteins pretty much ruin my recipes. Get yours from

50g Self Raising Flour

1tsp Baking Powder

20g Cocoa Powder

60g Melted Coconut Oil

60ml Low Fat Milk of choice (I used A2 Light milk)

2 Egg whites

3-4 Tbsp Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Mix all Dry Ingredients seperate to Wet ingredients. Once Mixed well add both together. Make sure texture is slightly runny, if not add a little more Sugar Free Maple for a nice smooth texture.

The trick to making doughnut shape! You don't need to buy a doughnut maker ;)

Roll up a little ball of baking paper and place in centre of patty case in a cupcake tin. Spray with coconut oil to help it not stick and pour the doughnut batter around the ball of baking paper.

Cook on medium for about 15-20mins, until risen and cooked through. I made about 8, depends how big or small you like them. I would keep them to serving size 8 - 10, obviously the less you make the higher the macros in them.

Variation Ideas

Add Dark Chocolate chips

Add Dark chocolate or Nutella or peanut butter centre

Keep scrolling through this food porn for the toppings ;)


Salted Caramel

50g Plain Chobani Yoghurt

20g Salted caramel protein powder

10g Dulce Delche Diet (from South America but doesn't need it)

Wheytello Icing

20g Wheytello

1-2 tsp Sugar Free Maple syrup


Just Nutella! (Little bit Naughty)

Sugar Glazed

1-2 tsp Sugar Free Maple (Dip the doughnut in this)

1-2 tsp Stevia (then dip doughnut in stevia)

Wheytello & Peanut butter Icing

20g Wheytello

1-2 tsp Sugar Free Maple syrup

1tsp Natural Peanut butter swirled on top

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