To Compete or Not to Compete ?

So Competing is the latest 'trend' and I have a lot of girls telling me they want to keep or asking about it. Ive seen a few fellow competitors write blog posts lately about their experience competing so I thought id add my two cents!

Lets go way back to after I had lost a few kg's, had been training with a personal trainer for a while and was basically seeing my body change shape and wanted that extra goal. I idolised girls like Paige Hathaway and Jessica Arevalo, I watched all of their videos, read about everything they did and I tried to implement that in my life. Soon I honestly ended up nearly peak weak lean, obviously a bit too lean but I had taught myself all about nutrition, adjusted my macros according to my training and body changing, implemented cardio when needed, cut it down when needed etc I was so proud and still so proud of myself. I maintained a little bit more of a healthy weight following becoming so lean and managed to teach myself all about reverse dieting and reverse my way up to over 2000cals becoming veiner, adding muscle and getting leaner by the week plus stronger! My body, my metabolism was on fire!

Now back to the point of this, competing..... Obviously over the 2 years of this I thought about competing but I always became scared away from the idea each time, 1 because I was scared to walk in heels haha 2 because I always read Facebook status or blog posts being negative about it and how every girl wants to compete blah blah and I didn't want people to say bad things about me lol I should have gave a fuck! 3 because I was 20yrs old and I wanted to enjoy my 21st birthday getting drunk....your only 21 once and if I was in comp prep I would give it my all and 4 because I wanted to have enough muscle mass to actually look good and like I belong on stage!

So another year went by of me thinking about competing and how I can take my goals to the next level, always researching coaches etc. Then one day my friend Rhys said his signed up to compete! I thought yep I'm doing it, if his doing it, I can and I was happy to have a friend there with me! So I made sure that year I had no special events on, my job was sturdy, my fitness was great and I had money (because comps are expensive)

15 weeks later of pure hard work, hours in the gym, hours prepping food, missing out on a few social events, tears, happy tears, proud of my body every step of the way...I had made it to stage and took out a podium placing in EVERY SINGLE DIVISION I entered!

This comp was purely for me to achieve a long dream of competing, beating nerves and taking my body to a new level but I went beyond that and places 4 2nds and 2 3rds even entering Opens fitness division.... very proud of myself. While training I really did want to place, your wasting your time if thats not apart of your goals!

So back to the topic should you compete?

Ask yourself...

1. If you want to compete in Fitness category...Do you have enough muscle mass? How many years have you been lifting?

2. Do you have any holidays, special events, birthdays etc that you think may hinder your progress during your prep? Comp is 110% effort, not half assing it and remember comps are always going to be around so if you do, like I had my 21st then leave it until the next season until you are 110% committed.

3. Are you mentally stable? Do you have food binge episodes? Do you have body image issues with yourself? Are your hormones and metabolism healthy?

4. Are you prepared to gain healthy weight afterwards? Are you only competing to get that 'stage' body?

5. Are you financially prepared?

6. Are you prepared to lose some strength, slow your metabolism down, do cardio if needed?

Have a long think about it and if you decide yes then its an amazing feeling to achieve reaching stage! If not then I'm glad you have re thought it and been smart, set some new goals and smash them. Competing isn't the only reason you should be going to gym and eating well!

Another quick note...I have read about a lot of negative experiences of competing. Mine was not negative, I knew what I was in for so I think that is why. I was so proud of my body the whole journey and loved watching it change, I never doubted id look ready for stage, I never thought I was 'fat' I never neglected my friends and saying that I did miss out on social events on purpose because I just didn't want to be around it, I also focused a lot on myself and spent a lot of time away from my boyfriend at the time as I was always at gym and he never went to gym.. but I knew this because competing so I dont see this as a negative plus I enjoyed the whole process :)

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