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Some judge, some envy, some do not care but I really wanted to set straight my experience of breast implants and my reasons behind getting them. I have had them for about 3 years now & they are still the best decision I made. Yes there are many cons but the pros and my reasons out weigh them by far! In about 2012-2013 I became your typical health freak, started off with being really self conscious and fed up of my body, so I decided to lose the weight, then fell in love with the lifestyle! Many of you girls know that usually the first places we lose weight and keep it off is our boobs haha! I became fairly lean therefore having lost most of my already small boobs and I didn't feel as girly. I honestly just had nipples. So when my best friend at the time and I spoke about breast implants I think we just ingrained the idea in our head so much that their was no turning back. My family were 100% fine with it as long as I went through a good doctor and didn't go huge, Im still thankful they are supportive of me. I also paid every cent of them for those questioning that too. So I went for my consultation with Dr Phil Richardson (amazing) and a week later I had breast implants just like that!! I will never ever forget the feeling of falling asleep 1minute then it felt like a second later waking up, I didn't think I had the op done but grabbed my chest and was so unbelievably excited and happy to wake up with boobs!! The whole entire procedure was so quick and post op was great! I woke up in a LJ crop and of course very swollen but felt great. Recovery was fast, was back at work in no time. As time went by and swelling went down the best feeling ever was going shopping and fitting clothes! I had never ever filled out those girly tops and dresses before! It felt amazing. Even to just stare in the mirror and see boobs and not just nipples haha! Another thing is feeling confident with a partner! I used to always want to keep a top on, definitely not now haha! oh and p.s so good not having to wear a bra out girls! If you get them for the right reasons then go for it, I will never look back.. Now for a couple of cons. So number 1, yes people judge you and I hate it, I am sick of it. They think your a fake snobby bitch who just cares about their appearance. Yes I care about my appearance (sometimes haha) and so do a lot of girls, but its definitely not what my life revolves around and all I care about. When i volunteered in Africa for example people in the group judged me, and one night we played kings cup drinking game, that was when they finally had the courage to ask if they were fake. They were so surprised I had them as they had thought about the stereotypes… So dont judge a book by its cover guys, people get breast implants for many reasons! its upsetting hearing these comments but then you remember how great boobs are and move on haha! Con number 2…. more judgement….people think you 'have them out' when actually sometimes you just can't put them away! most of these people are online assholes who do not know the real you. Yes of course I love to 'have them out' at times and with nice clothes but sometimes I do not even notice. Another thing that bugs me for example is if a girl without fake boobs really pushed hers out or wore something revealing, people would say oh amazing, gorgeous etc, if girls with fake boobs wore same thing then it would be considered too revealing and to put our boobs away. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base the reasons I got them, explain my experience (yes 100% recommend my doctor) & also give advice/warning to any girls interested :)