A Piece from my past - Beginning of my fitness journey

Throughout my childhood I loved dancing, but was never really any good haha, I loved horses (i was THAT horse obsessed girl in Primary school) I loved food, and was lucky to grow up with parents who taught my sister and I moderation for example soft drink and dessert on occasion, always eating veggies first, we even preferred home cooked meals over take out most of the time. In school I didn't really enjoy sport, hated cross country days, I was more into drama, art and dance. I was never a big girl, I was a normal healthy girl. In primary school and high school I had comments made about my big legs a few times which did make me upset and self conscious of them. I know I have bigger lower half, it runs in the family and this did affect me, I still think about it to this day, I even had comments about my legs engraved in a table at school once from boys in my grade. When i left school I traveled to Europe alone on a Contiki tour. This was the best time of my life, made amazing life long friends drinking and eating our way around Europe! Literally would eat 2xbreakfasts, lunch & dinners plus snacks then drink at night. I could not live like that forever but it was fun while it lasted. When i arrived home I had the usual post holiday depression but on top of that I was really embarrassed by my body. I had gained 10kg, wore my baggy 'I love Rome' etc shirts i had collected from europe to gym to hide myself. I didn't want to be social, it was hard. I tried a meal plan from a friend that was purchased online, it was a good start to make healthier choices but not the best meal plan now that i look back on it (it claimed lettuce had too much sugar in it!!) I started running, I set mini goals like run for at least 2mins, walk, run again and would slowly increase the time. I downloaded the nike running app to record my runs and began to get excited about the distance i ran. I would come home so excited showing my family how far I had ran. Over about 6months or more I reached an unbelievable 14km distance run! along with my running goals i had hired a PT to help with weight loss which it definitely did! He did cross fit based exercises/workouts and was lots of fun. After losing weight and falling in love with fitness and addicted to results i stopped the PT sessions as i had confidence to do my own thing. I continued weights (still too scared to go in the 'guys' section of the gym) and continued running, experimenting with HIIT. A lovely PT i went to school with gave me advice to record my food, make sure i am eating enough macros and to also stop doing so much cardio. I had no idea what macros even were but i took her advice. This was about 2013 & when my love for IIFYM began! i researched everything all the information i could find and taught myself so much, calculated my own macros and began recording my food in my fitness pal. 2 weeks and i had dropped 4kgs, look completely different (harder, leaner) and am so much stronger already! over the years i experimented with carb cycling while tracking macros and incorporating different yummy foods to keep me sane and had continued to drop weight and look so much fitter! my biggest inspiration were fitness models, mainly Jessica Arevalo, i began doing her workouts like getting up early every morning at 3:30am to do sprints/walk/run and be at work by 6am. I still to this day have continued to do this every morning as i love it! It is the best start to the day and adding this i get the best results! Sounds stupid but i literally would pretend i was a fitness model, and eat and do things the way they did as i dreamed of their physique and getting on stage one day, it is weird how your mind is so powerful! To be continued...

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